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Twic East Communty-USA (TEC-USA)

Twic East Community USA was formed by refugees from South Sudan whose common interest is to assist in rebuilding war-torn communities in South Sudan by empowering South Sudanese to determine their own future and well-being. Any person or entity with a common interest in improving the lives of the people of Twic East is eligible to become a member of the organization upon payment of annual dues. Twic East Community-USA intends to focus on rehabilitation and reconstruction processes, combat diseases through public health education campaigns, building of health centers, and agricultural projects to confront acute food shortages. The organization is determined to focus on initiating a lasting peace, unity and repopulation of Payams. We will also work to establish good communication among Twic East community members in North America, East Africa, Australia and South Sudan. We are determined to re-energize our core ideals, tap on our strong values and deliberate on our strategic destiny in this era of development in order to produce a vibrant and functioning community.

Twic East Community USA

2016 Twic East Community-USA, Inc. (TEC-USA, Inc.)
National Conference and Reunion

Friday, July 1st to Monday, July 4th
Holiday Inn KCI Airport & KCI Expo Center
11728 NW Ambassador Drive
Kansas City, MO 64153

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Twic East Community-USA Leadership Officer Elections
for July 2016 to September 2018
Guidelines and Information
Form and Instructions

TEC-USA Contact Team in Kansas City, MO

Deng Atem @ 8163169436
Aguer Kuir Gak @ 8162884346
Dhieu Akoi Atem @ 8169180882
Philip Tor Manyok @ 8167211379
Deng Lueth @ 816 7294551